dry wells for your water softener & water treatment system discharge. not all dry wells are equal!

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Complete Dry Well installations for the controlled direction, containment and dispersion of water produced by many water treatment systems or Discharge of Low Flow Water Treatment Wastewater. Often times the State of CT requires a Water Treatment Wastewater Dispersal Structure and/or Disposal System upon the initial installation of most water treatment systems; or subsequent installation of such system(s) upon the sale or transfer of property ownership.


Water Treatment Wastewater DISPERSAL STRUCTURE means a structure, excavation or other facility designed to direct low flow water treatment wastewater to percolate into the underlying soil. Water treatment wastewater dispersal structures include but are not limited to stone filled excavations, leaching trenches, plastic leaching chambers, leaching galleries, leaching pits, etc.


water softener discharge dry wells for your water softener

What We Do

CT Dry Well serves all of CT for Dry Well Installations. Dry Wells are water drainage solutions for many purposes. They are controlled water re-direction, collection, and dispersion systems below ground that allow for water to be collected and dispersed in such a way as to not interfere with well, septic, or other water-related systems.

Dry Wells are what we do. Residential and Commercial alike, We install a variety of systems based on the specific needs or requirements coupled with the intended purpose and exclusive to each property, its terrain, and subsequent state and municipal requirements.

We work with both State and Municipal authorities when necessary, to include drafting and submitting the respective documentation as required by many Municipalities. 

General Permit for the Discharge of Low Flow Water Treatment Wastewater

A "Dry Well" is also identified as either, or both of the following, as used in the State of CT DEEP literature:

1."WATER Treatment Wastewater DISPERSAL STRUCTURE"

2."WATER Treatment Wastewater DISPOSAL SYSTEM"

CT DRY WELL is the Dry Well Company that provides complete Dry Well installations for WATER TREATMENT INSTALLATION CONTRACTORS/COMPANIES in CT. This is because we are familiar, versed in, and comply with the State of CT/DEEP's "General Permit for the Discharge of Low Flow Water Treatment Wastewater" 

We ensure professional, proficient, and prompt Dry Well installations for Well Water Treatment System Contractors. 

We adhere to the Dry Well Requirement of the General Permit requirement as it relates to, and serves as a critical component of the installation/maintenance of Water Treatment Systems.

Water Treatment Contractors-Homeowners-Real Estate Agents-Commercial Property Owners

CT DRY WELL is here to serve and provide all of your DRY WELL needs with professional water direction, containment, & dispersion solutions.


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Dry Well Company / drainage contractors specializing in dry well installations and providing affordable dry well installation cost to fit each of our customer's specific needs and custom tailored design exclusive to every unique location- Whether it's a Residential, Commercial, or State/ Municipal project, we not only Design & Install dry well systems, but also take care of all Town / City / Municipal paperwork requirements- as we draft, submit, & file necessary Applications, Permits, As-Built design layouts, and any additional specific Town requirements as needed.

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