We Are Working on it....The Patented DryWell2.0 that is

Dry Wells  are often failed attempts to attract water and .......well, the systems that we saw contractors using were as functional as parking your car in the front yard and calling it a driveway. 

We thought a Dry Well should WORK CORRECTLY, GET THE DESIRED RESULTS, LAST A LIFETIME, and JUST WORK!  So We Decided to break it down and engineer a dry well that works properly, is reliable, cannot clog, overflow, back up, cave in, or fail within a lifetime. The concept is the same. The Product is a Reliable.   MUST-HAVE System for taking water you don't want, and putting it where you do- and that 's NOT next to your foundation so your sump pump can keep wasting electricity.  Just like anything else, the  PRODUCT MUST FIT THE PURPOSE.  This is one of the most common reasons for failed systems.  The Installer has NO IDEA exactly what the system is going to be supporting  in terms of VOLUME and FREQUENCY.  Yes, sometimes a little plastic relief valve is installed, sticking up in your yard waiting to stub your toe or take on the lawn mower. We get it, its for when the system gets full your lawn gets free water- but wait, the water is going below ground for a reason, right? And if working properly, that yard ornament need not exist. We don't like them either, and we don't need them.  

hire ct drywell now- or we'll be there when theirs stops working.